Previous Bands:

Gigging bands from earliest to latest: Suburban Beat (pub cover band), Intoxicated (death metal), Sleeping Martyr (metal), Nashira (hard rock/metal), Dio Apostles.

Favourite Ronnie James Dio Album:

Of the Dio albums probably "Last In Line". From Black Sabbath "Heaven and Hell" and my favourite Rainbow album "Rainbow Rising". Hard to pick an overall favourite.

First Ronnie James Dio Gig:

December 13th 1987 - Edinburgh Playhouse (Dream Evil Tour with Warlock). I've seen Dio many times but that was the first and it was also my first ever gig.

Favourite Song To Play Live:

Don't Talk To Strangers.

Equipment List:

  • Ibanez RG's
  • Laney VH100R Amp with Laney GS212IE 2x12 Cab
  • Boss TU-3, Boss NS-2
  • MXR Boost Line/Driver
  • Vox Time Machine
  • Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus
  • Daddario EXL110 Strings (10 - 46)
  • Dunlop Jazz III XL picks

Picture of Martin

Martin Patterson